On October 17, 2018, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov (Владислав Росляков) entered Kerch Polytechnic College in Kerch, Crimea, Russian Federation where he set off a nail bomb and opened fire at students and teachers with a shotgun he had legally purchased. Vladislav Roslyakov shot 20 people to death and wounded 70, before using the shotgun on himself to commit suicide in the school’s library, bringing the massacre’s total death toll up to 21.

Here’s the CCTV video of Vladislav Roslyakov, of the bomb going off, and of the teenage perp shooting the people in the school’s hallways. Props to Best Gore member @JacobTheGreat for this one:

And the video of some students filming inside the school while the shooting was in progress. Props to Best Gore member