In Russia neo-Nazis arrange a real hunt for the homeless and conducted brutal “contests” on the attack on people.

The first murder in the video was committed near the temple of the triumph of Orthodoxy in Altuyevo, the construction of which was completed in 2016.

Users of the Russian anonymous forum 2ch found a video in the Darknet, on which the unknown with special cruelty killed the homeless.

The total length of the video is 2 minutes 39 seconds. Cutting scenes of violence are accompanied by aggressive music. The main figure, a man with a soaked face, which in the midst of a white day attacks calmly sunbathing homeless. First, the offender “fills” the victim with a gas cylinder (pepperspray), then followed by kicking on the head, and then he implements a knife, inflicting multiple stabbing blows.

The group found a repost with the report of the Ukrainian cell “White Hunters “. Neo-Nazis attacked the same homeless, calling them “separatist pedophiles.”

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257 thoughts on “Russian Maniacs Record Themselves Stabbing Homeless Men, July 2015”

  1. Ejaculossaurus Rexxx says:

    Russia FTW. Muzzies ain’t got shit on these crazy motherfuckers.

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    1. Goritian says:

      His public service must have been inspired by an ugly experience, but that’s no excuse

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      1. Ejaculossaurus Rexxx says:

        What do you mean Goritian? That it’s public service to kill these homeless people?

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        1. Casual Observer says:

          I don’t see the harm in it. These old pinkies weren’t eligible for a pension, so they might as well serve a useful purpose as an amusement.

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          1. 2 asshole says:

            Please don’t talk like that, one day you may be a homeless man , you like someone to stab you ? and be entertained as amusement ?

          2. illegalsmile55 says:

            Yeah @casualobserver, do you want someone to stab your homeless ass, with amused entertainment? DO YOU?!

          3. Suqh Mahdiq says:

            Only real harm I see is that it’s a complete waste. NYC is rife with these homeless cocksuckers and I’ve always been of the mindset that they would be less of a social drain and actually do some fucking good if their organs and other body parts were harvested. Now you might argue that no one in his right goddamn mind would ever want a cirrhotic liver or a [simple] cyst-lined kidney, but if you’ve been waiting years for a transplant, your skin has turned a god-awful shade of yellow, or you’re retaining so much fluid waste from poor renal function that you’re starting to look like a bloated corpse in the middle of summer, you’d be the first motherfucker to slice one of these pieces of shit open in order to save your own life.

          4. Casual Observer says:

            As long as My Final Video gets 200 thoughts, I’m fine with that.

        2. LeatherFace1 says:

          The New “Leave it to Beaver” !
          …….. Eddie Haskell has changed over the years.

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    2. Goreman77 says:

      We’re all these homeless guys deaf ? Not one of them turned to see who was making the footsteps

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      1. Ejaculossaurus Rexxx says:

        I think one was asleep and then the others were old and their hearing is probably not as good as they used to. These are some major punkass bitches who prey on the old and weak. There is a reason they pick on the homeless. That is because they think that no one would avenge their death as they are alone in life and no one can defend them as well. Typical coward bully behavior. You don’t see them taking out young healthy men, just people they think will not fight back.

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        1. Andrew256 says:

          I almost get a hard-on thinking how one of those fuckers were butt-raped and killed in prison, how he cried and begged (hopefully), regretting he’s actions that led him to this point (or maybe not), and I hope he felt quite a lot of pain before he died.

          Ohh, if only public lynching were legal everywhere (or course, only when the conviction is proven)

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          1. Dr Harold Shipman Accompanied by Mrs M Hindley and Mr I Brady. says:

            to ?

          2. Ejaculossaurus Rexxx says:

            @ankun256 yeah that would be a treat. These aren’t one of those tough as nails, spetnaz kind of guys. These are just some faggots thinking they’re hard. Just look at that one who stabbed someone with his bag on. He looks totally retarded.

          3. HungHeathen says:

            You just disclosed to the entire internet, that the thought of man-on-man gay prison rape gives you a hard on.

            Your poor father

          4. Andrew256 says:

            Exactly, if it gives suffering and humiliation to people who deserve it – this is the real treat.

      2. stoogis says:

        They probably were drunk or snoozing. That and probably not paranoid, might think it’s one of their buddies coming to say hi, no one expects a homicidal maniac to come past especially mid day.

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    3. Clown says:

      Hey by any chance was that Gorky Park?

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      1. Hoping for Nemesis says:


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      2. miss.anthropy says:


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      3. caRnAGE says:

        Certainly not Sparrow Hills… maybe Spareno Kills?

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    4. Last of a dying breed says:

      Muslims killed u faggets with no financial support in every war Russians are pussy white america fans basically

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      1. Iluvchairs1158 says:

        I’m pretty sure, just like a lot of the world, Russia hates us.

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        1. Last of a dying breed says:

          Yea your right they do now since trump Americans are the vanilla Isis shooting up kids in bars and raping their dogs, dumb hyprocrites delusional and in denial

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          1. Xavior says:

            Is your IQ below 70? Because you seem to think like a retard.
            Look, you obviously have internet… educate yourself a little before spouting of at the mouth. And don’t forget to keep from drooling into your keyboard.

    5. Guest says:

      Dnepropetrovsk is located in Ukraine,, and the killers are ukrainians and not russians.

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      1. Ejaculossaurus Rexxx says:

        I know that denepropetrovsk is located in Ukraine and that they are Ukrainians. But the ones in this vid are Russians right?

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        1. Hoping for Nemesis says:

          Ukraine will always be a region and part of Mother Russia and never a country .This will be so regardless of how often Established media tries to brainwash the world on Uncle Sam’s orders.

          Ukraine as a separate country is as ridiculous as Appalachia suddenly becoming its own country and someone trying to sell to me that Kentuckians and Virginians were never USAmericans!


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          1. Seraphim Serenata says:

            The information directly translated from Russian site IS just as confusing to you as to me, everyone!! What you read is what I read…. Wish some Crazy Russian Mother Fucker (no pun intended) would clear up this dire information…

            The phrase “Ukrainian Cell” along with Russia this and that is definitely cuntfusing!