On the night of October 8, 2018, 22 deadly fires started pretty much simultaneously and out of nowhere in California’s wine country. While the general propaganda by the Jew machine blames hurricane force winds and negligence by regional electrical utility PG&E, unless you’re a complete NPC, shit about the fires won’t stand up to critical analysis.

The images of the fires show smoke rising straight up, which is not what would happen if hurricane force winds were truly battering the area. Even more telling is the fact that despite being called “wild fires” or “forest fires“, these fires totally incinerated houses and cars, but the trees next to them are still standing up tall along with their foliage.

Of interest could be a closer look at DEW (Direct Energy Weapons), including microwave weapons, which US military is well documented to possess. If you combine it with the fact that US military is the sworn enemy of the US people and has a long history of using its training and equipment to mass murder US citizens (if you’re still in the NPC mode, look into the Bonus Army incident, the Black Wall Street incident, Operation Big Buzz whereby they air dropped 300,000 of the aedis aegypti mosquito that is a vector for Dengue, Chikagungya, Yellow Fever, Zika and West Nile Virus to “see how they survive and feed on humans” on U.S. soil in Georgia, or when in 1950 the Navy sprayed the entire city of San Francisco with an aerosol spray containing several microbes from 43 locations, or when in 1965 the Army released a bacteria at Washington’s Greyhound bus terminal and National Airport, etc.), why would they not use their microwave weapons to fry a few Californians? I mean – what do you think happens if you put foliage into the microwave and turn it on? Hint – nothing. But put metal in the microwave and unless you shut it off fast enough, it’ll go up in flames.

Below is a video related to California’s fires. The video itself is a male recording burned down bodies in the ground and inside cars. Quality is not that high but enough to see the skulls and smoke coming out of the bodies.

Props to Best Gore member