Mexican man, presumably from Mexico has a bloody face. His killers are presumably from a rival cartel affiliation in Mexico.

We bare witness to a last will and testament of sorts taking place before and during his strangulation. At one point in video, we see tip of an automatic rifle tap man’s chest. Later on, gentle love taps from a boot shows how much they really, really care. The delighted killers seem to be tickled with the murdering process of their stuck-like-a-hog victim.

After audible groaning and whining, the volume is turned up on some O.G. music. The face of the man -who is getting choked to death- is bloody from his eye socket down to his mouth. The pre-garrote beating was not captured on film. We don’t get to see facial expressions change much before the monkey on his back, named Death, was welcomed with his arms wide open.

Should be noted: If you are easy offended and pissed off by authentic Mexican music, then mute the video!

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