Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil August 25, 20 years old, Daniel de Sá Freitas, night club owner and his wife apparently thought they would be robbed at gun point by two guys in a motorbike… They seek for refuge in a hospital, Vale do Guaporé, in Pontes and Lacerda, but the grim reaper came after him with 10 shots. Nothing was stolen, pussy was spared… Police concluded murder but the guy lived for another 11 days without pointing any suspect.

Daniel was a businessman and owner of a nightclub in the city. On August 25th, he was shot inside the hospital trying to run away from alleged burglars who were chasing him. Since then he was admitted to the hospital. The death of the young person was confirmed by the State Secretariat of Health of Mato Grosso (SES). According to SES, Daniel had cardiorespiratory arrest and died at 6:30 a.m.

The young man gave testimony while he was hospitalized. He told the investigators he didn’t know the motive of the crime and couldn’t even tell who could have planned the attack. The investigation is still confidential. No person has been arrested so far.

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