On November 20, in Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg, Russia, you can see local residents at meeting for a man to buy his car. The company “DokAvto” [Auto] located on Industrial Avenue deals with registration of contracts of sale of vehicles, as well as insurance policies for cars.

At the office, you can see the young men standing at the reception desk talking to a woman specialist with seller of car behind them. Zedarzhan, 53, migrant worker from Tajikistan, Central Asia, suddenly from behind attacks the two men after some kind of conflict at the time of the transaction of sale with purchase of the car [Severe Case of Sellers Remorse].

First, 31-year-old is stabbed in the stomach area with knife -managed to escape from the spot- he was admitted to hospital in a state of moderate severity. The native of Tajikistan then grabbed 32-year-old friend and would not let go. He kept stabbing until the man died at the scene.

At the time of the crime at the desk in the office, the woman employee was hiding, fearing for their lives. The migrant was detained at the scene by police. A criminal case is underway for “murder” and “attempted murder.”

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