Brazilian gang members aren’t as primitive as we may all know them to be! In this instance, rival members of drug gang in Brazil upgrade shouting first/last names, using code names instead for standard operating procedure. A quote from one member, “-no one says no ones name!…” What will they ever think of next?

Captured and tortured before camera rolls, enemy rival known as, German; Skull is practically naked and covered in bloody wounds. The man has a muzzle of sorts made from his shirt, to silence his deafening screams of pain.

A galore of flip-flops and guns are flaunted to the camera. Bloody steel of a machete suggests the rival was not treated as a guest in their home.

The guy actually seems to be alive, and they play with his nose… Clearly it’s nearing the end of a long torture session and a welcomed death by the sufferer.

Props to Best Gore member