As 2018 is drawing to a close and 2019 nigh, proclaim your brutal or Wickedly funny picks of 2018.

Remind your fellow Best Gore member what made this year special to you.

This post is only for a limited time, so act fast! BUT WAIT! There’s more!! Please don’t be shy or afraid, scarred or scared and come out and play – share your selection(s) before the end of today.

Special Props to @all-the-members that are misanthrope and keep it real in their life because of Best Gore.

“Truth and acceptance of reality will one day dominate mankind” -Excerpt from Seraphim Proverbs 😉

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182 thoughts on “Top 8 Brutal Videos of 2018, List Created by Best Gore Members”

  1. Stubyone says:

    Short and Sweet…cop & fillet boy.

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    1. pigsonthewing says:

      Cop and fillet boy, coming right up…

      My first thought as well Stubyone.

      (that is, if we’re on the same page)

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      1. Blason2 says:

        Fuuuuck… I forgot how brutal this one was.

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        1. pigsonthewing says:

          No doubt. I didn’t have an erection for about a week, after I saw that one.

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          1. Blason2 says:

            I’d be worried for you if you did! Hahaha

            But, seriously. I can’t imagine the terror going thru that kid’s mind as they tore into him like that. For a second there I thought they were going to try and feed his beating heart to him.

          2. JadedCunt says:

            I must have watched this video about 30 times.. I’m numb to it now and just watch it like I’m studying a mundane subject.

            Those motherfuckers are disgusting, sickos. I can’t imagine they even had mothers or fathers that ‘raised’ them at all. They were born because 2 idiots fucked, that’s why they exist. 2 idiots fucked, and then these murderous dickheads started flaying people alive and tormenting their children. It’s part of their culture though so you’re not supposed to judge. God doesn’t care though because he doesn’t send down magical beings to stop it so, according to religious people it has to be God’s gift of free will which allows us to be flayed.

          3. coffindodger says:

            I wonder if they ever caught those sons of whores.

        2. xsookiex says:

          I remember how much this one got to you the first time around @blason2 !!

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          1. Blason2 says:

            @xsookiex it still makes me shudder. It’s strange how jaded a person can be to most of these after a while then one shows up and it repulses you to the core. Maybe its the capture, on film, the purest form of evil. Yet I replay it… 😉

          2. JadedCunt says:

            @Blason2 That makes sense. I think I really have changed the way my brain programming works by being on this site for some time. The things I can’t watch are animal cruelty related… my blood boils with that shit. As far as human suffering, I can see a lot of that these days because it’s coming from 3rd worlders and people I don’t like.

            I don’t want to see any of this shit in person, however. I also wish it didn’t exist at all, but I have no power over that.

      2. Stubyone says:

        That’s the one!! In my opinion this is the #1 video of the year…hands down.

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        1. Blason2 says:

          It would be difficult to find a better one for sure.

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          1. JadedCunt says:

            Flayed alive for the win. It’s as hateful as it gets.

          2. pigsonthewing says:

            The only situation that would of made this video worse, would’ve been the son getting filleted before the father got killed. Nothing worse for a parent, than to see one of their offspring die before them.

          3. Seraphim Serenata says:

            that would have been so much BETTER