Nothing short of a blowtorch beheading will dethrone 2018 being best year in sinister and torturous brutal gore, captured on film. Methods of killing your enemy in the most painful way is what separates us from the other animals on Earth – Hooray for the Human race!

The Mexican Cartels are one of the ultimate Best Gore contributors! Well… after a long hiatus, what seems like hibernation, they are back full swinging! Just in the neck-of-time, we have a new video to cap off this year’s bloodletting.

The bruising visible on the face of shirtless young man suggests, mi casa su casa, is void where prohibited. While hands cuffed in front, the rival of warring drug faction stares out a black and bruised eye, directly at his Grim Reaper! Death has no empathy and sheds not one tear, for him or anybody, anywhere, anytime. Cutting to the point by wasting no time, the neck is sliced into.

At first, there is a less-than-pleasing resistance and will to live. Having hands capable to block trachea carnage is what makes this brutal. After all, the mind’s will power to overcome an urge to live is pure mental raping. As sawing continues with cuts to rival’s throat, we see how dull a Cartel blade can be.

Placed gently on stomach, slicing continues. As they say, when life juice drains it pours. Blood squirts frantically as knife penetrates trachea deep. The almighty Death relieves the itch only he can scratch. The money shot is not captured on film. The sheer presence of blood and the puddle that forms is well worth a watch.


“Location is Salamanca, Guanajuato where the drug cartels are in a merciless war.” Thank you