In Brazil there have been number of altercations with Metro security with ambulants (illegal street vendors). The security agents did an irregular trade inspection at the station, when five street vendors invaded the lobby and started an argument with them.

Around 4pm on Saturday, December 24, 2018, a suspected illegal hawker of “Mobile” in Carandiru station on Line 1 (Blue) of the São Paulo Metro is requested to leave by male security personnel, Adamo Bazani. He is put into an immediate chokehold by the traveling salesman.

Fellow rent-a-pig, Jessica Marques is not good at offering any assistance to co-worker, other than perhaps making him a sammich, while his face turns red. An impressive job to say the least is when she asks for back up. It is about time all firefighters should be women. It would certainly make me feel safer after watching this.

Suspected illegal street vendor punches metro security male before dragging him very close to the railroad. When train arrives, two commuters and three suspected illegal candy sellers end the fight; only after worn out suspect is tired kicking security guy’s ass.

Promptly after backing down and surrendering, he is delivered a sleigh full of repeated strikes against legs with baton. The security guy has no qualms regifting and regiving same bludgeoning gift. After all, it is to prevent him from taking it out on his innocent wife and kids when he gets home.

-“Why are you hitting me? I have surrendered!”

The perpetrator of aggression against security threatened Adamo Bazani by saying that he would “return” to kill him at the station.

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