On a street corner in America’s homosexual jungle, aka San Fransico, a beatdown is taking place. The Aggressor pounds the Aggressee with punches, and hard kicks to head. The Aggressor takes revenge out on an alleged cell phone bluetooth speaker thief in front of captivated crowd. It’s as entertaining as watching animals at the Zoo, no less.

25-year-old Oakland resident Melton Earl Kelly is captured on video punching and stomping on a victim near a crowded intersection at Cyril Magnin and Eddy streets in San Fransico, California, USA. Suspect Kelly was arrested at the 300 block of Ellis Street for attempted murder, robbery and mayhem day after video went viral on several social media sites.

Key Points in Spoken Dialogue:

(Aggressor) – Oh, you running from me now?

(Crowd Remark) – Rough love, you don’t butt in!
(Crowd Remark) – He’s a human, let him be.

(Aggressor) – … and sleep nigga!

(Crowd Remark) – Turn him to the side, bruh, he gonna choke on his own blood.

~~throws picked pocket contents to ground, grabs small vile~~
(Aggressor) – Don’t rob that! Don’t touch shit up!
(Crowd Remark) – Pfft! (response to grammar assault)

(Aggressor) – It’s life or death … bitch!

Triumphant in obtaining prized possessions, the Aggressor strikes the sleeping man with violent conviction then struts away.


This brutal attack happened in San Fransico, California not New York City. Although, it is said the beating is over a speaker, I highly doubt that. What is more doubtful is the Aggressor is a bouncer and not a pathetic drug dealer.

The victim is still in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

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