The CCTV and aftermath footage takes place on October 24, 2018.

In the town of Goiânia, state of Goiás, Brazil, officer Flávio Faria de Oliveira (31) allegedly shoots his friend, Matheus Oliveira Castro (20) on accident. Flávio and Matheus reportedly both spend the whole afternoon together drinking alcohol.

Inside his vehicle, officer Flávio talks to some friends before planning on going home. While holding a gun in his hands, the weapon discharges accidentally and kills his friend Matheus, whom is on the bike, instantly. Checking on the well-being of his friend, Flávio sees Matheus dead on the ground, completely dead. After realizing what he has done without a second thought or moment to spare, he returns the favor by firing a bullet through his own brain.

My hat goes off to the guy for at least punishing himself without any hesitation. Being a cop in Brazil, he knew death is much more pleasant than living life in prison.

Props to Best Gore member