A Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios has a long history proudly serving his community in Wentworth, Durban, South Africa. While off-duty, the local Bluff policeman withdraws cash at local bank, around 10am, to pay workers for home renovations around his property.

Andreas Mathios goes home, parks car on driveway and walks inside. Whilst showing what renovations to be done, he notices two men in a black VW Polo pulling in behind his car. Invading the residency, Mathios hears sound of a firearm cocking before held up and searched for an undisclosed amount of cash, which they find in his pant pocket.

The off-duty policeman gets into his car and follows the suspects. A shoot-out ensues at the corner of Austerville Drive and Quality Street, Wentworth where suspects’ vehicle loses control and collides with a red VW Polo (The Volkswagen Polo is a supermini car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen). One of the gang members is shot while a second is apprehended and handed over to police.

Suspects, aged 36 and 41 are both expected to be convicted of house robbery, attempted murder in the Wentworth Magistrates Court. Their vehicle, unlicensed 9mm pistol and ammunition were seized by police for evidence.

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