Two organized football fan clubs, Cruzeiro and Atlético Mineiro were in a huge fight where most participants were armed with bats, some even use helmets. Mr. D’Silva, 30, (last person shown near victim) went there in hopes to spread love… Indeed he learned something that day.

Captured on CCTV in Brazil, 30-year-old man, Pablo Nascimento, is struck with several punches, kicks and blows. The Cruzeiro fan is hospitalized in serious condition after being beaten by rival fans in the neighborhood Prado; the western region of Belo Horisonte. One of the attackers tries to take the boy’s shirt, but he can’t.

With military intervention, the group dispersed and fled, leaving the injured man lying on the street. Moments later, the PM track down a group of 20 supporters in the region. They all are taken to the police station to provide clarification. According to the Civil police, they were heard and released. Mr. D’Silva (shown on CCTV) will be charged but not arrested. Two cars were confiscated loaded with bats.

The boy was rescued by Samu (mobile Emergency care service) and taken unconscious to the hospital. According to his family, despite the severity of his injuries, he’s not at risk of death.

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