A burglar is gunned down on the night of December, 28 after attempting to rob the convenience store located at the Alê fuel station. The gas station is at the entrance of the Jardim Eldorado neighborhood, on the banks of the BR-101 in Palhoça, Brazil.

The man in red is a military policeman. Yuri Micheluzzi is out of uniform and off-duty, when he makes a payment for fuel as a boy with a T-shirt covering his face enters. The robber announces he has a knife and is there to retrieve free money.

Man in black is a deputy who is also off-duty. Edging closer without firing a single shot, he accosts the would-be robber with gun drawn. Judging by his demeanor, I highly suspect the man is a dimwitted individual.

While entangled in body fight, off-duty deputy is cut on his hand, which makes him lose control of his gun. He would have lost his trousers as well had the other off-duty officer not intervene. The off-duty military policeman, Yuri Micheluzzi, drew his gun and shot the burglar in the back, killing him on the spot.

To Kill or Not to Kill? – that is the question. The answer depends on the situation. I’m just happy when they die.

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