Video begins innocently enough with face kicking, followed by more face kicking. Accessory during the fact, in assault of despicable and deplorable father, is none other than flip-flops!

In Brazil, three daughters make sexual allegations of rape against their own father. Word travels posthaste around the neighborhood about the sexual abuse. Nearby neighbors form a lynchmob and pay the abuser a visit.

One daughter is heard crying in the crowd after father does not deny any of the three rapes. He is fortunate not to be the main entre in a cookout before cops arrive and arrest him.

While incarcerated, inmates will certainly finish what the mob started, 10 fold. The child rapist will pay for crimes against nature and humanity with unspeakable torture and death.

The lynchmob picked up the ball with this one. Would have been better if they beat him to the brink of coma, removed all his limbs, and set fire to his body on a sheet of broken glass, then pissed on the ashes.

Revenge for raping flesh and blood will be served best behind cold steel bars.

Props to Best Gore member