Since the beginning of 2019, the Brazilian state of Ceará has been experiencing a spur of violence that is said to have caused the residents fearing leaving their houses and the tourists not wanting to visit. Nevertheless, despite the authorities saying the situation is tense, there have been no reported deaths or injuries to anyone except those attacked by the state itself.

The alleged violence was sparked by the announcement that the local authorities are seeking to restrict cellphone use in prisons and to end the separation of detainees from the factions to which they belong.

The Brazilian police stae maintains that the measures are insufficient to combat the four factions that dominate organized crime in Ceará: the São Paulo’s First Capital Command (PCC), the Rio de Janeiro’s Comando Vermelho (CV), the Ceará’s Guardians of the State (GDE) and the Amazonian Northern Family (NDF).

The PCC allied itself with the GDE, which, according to estimates, has about 600 members in prisons in Ceará. On the other side are CV and NDF.

Uncharted since then, according to researchers polled by the BBC, these factions have announced in recent days a truce in the dispute in Ceará. By means of a salve, as the communiqués issued by leaders of criminal organizations are called, they vetoed fights or settlements if the government places rival groups in the same prison.

The message passed around says:

My GDE brothers, we humbly ask you to understand that if any member of an opposing group arrives in our quarters, that the brothers welcome and treat them well, give them water, food, toothbrush, paste, clothes and sheets. We are going to uphold this truce because they are doing this purposely in order for us to kill each other. As we know this is the intention of the judicial state, we will not satisfy the will of the state. Enemies with the dignity. We expect the same from their side.

Experts say that this communique demonstrates a great deal of articulation and joint action by factions when they need to fight a larger enemy – in this case, the state.

I’ve been saying this all along – the police and the establishments are the gravest threats to the life and the well-being of individuals and their families. You will encounter at least some degree of honor in criminals. But in the cops – none. In France the citizens rally against the oppressive state. Let’s not think of our Brazilian brothers any different. The real reazon why Brazilian cops are killing these men in Ceara is to eliminate competition to their drug trafficking activities, and to enforce their extortion practises.

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