In Vadodora city of Gujarat, India, a BMW X5 (2019) estimated roughly at $65,000 USD was given to a car service station for repairs but a worker at station takes it for a joyride instead.

CCTV Footage on 5th of January catches incident showing the service worker attempting to speed up in the vehicle and losing all control. A motorcycle couple and lone biker are reamed by the out of control vehicle. After rushing to the hospital for treatment with serious injuries, the present condition of the bikers is unknown.

After driver crashes the BMW X5 straight through 3 riders on 2 motorcycles, and t-bones a vehicle, he finds a final resting place for the vehicle. Electricity pole partially penetrates the hood and immobilizes it beyond repair.

The service station worker depreciates value of the once all shiny, ready for success BMW X5 to nothing more than a handful of chump change with a tarnish stained finish.

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