No backinfo whatsoever. The CCTV footage from some kind of an office setting shows an irate man threatening a woman with a gun, and eventually shooting her with a few bullets.

Her reaction to the first two shots was like – “Aww, it huuuurts, asshole. Only Chad and Tyrone are allowed to hurt me!” But the third one definitely shut her up for good. The guy was pretty cold blooded about the whole thing.


This reportedly happened in Asuncion, Paraguay. The man is en employee of a company who killed his secretary when she discovered that he was robbing the company. The news report states (translation):

Alcides Alvarenga, treasurer of the Board of Sanitation of Pindolo, a company from the tourist city of Areguá, near the famous Ypacaraí Lake, 20 kilometers from the capital Asunción, killed his secretary Miriam Soto Sánchez, 37 years old. At first a dispute was suspected, but the tax investigation found other indications that point to a “burning of files“.

Alcides Alvarenga was apprehended in the place of his residence. In his defense, Alvarenga said he had argued with the woman as she insulted the dignity of her family. However, law enforcement officials indicated that, according to the data collected from relatives and companions of the deceased, Miriam would have detected missing millions in the care of Alcides Alvarenga and that would be the trigger of his anger towards the secretary.

According to the Penal Code, Alcides Alvarenga faces between 5 to 30 years in prison. The family of the victim asked the Prosecutor’s Office to grant the maximum penalty to the murderer.

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