There’s a new competition craze reaching all nations. Competitors are awarded opportunity to escape before the final finishing touch. The deciding factor for success: To Bleed or Not To Bleed? You must not bleed out! The only stipulation to the game, you must survive to completion. The reward is being set free to live another day.

The Tournament BLEED-OUT continues what CUT-THROAT started. All contestants must have the chops to survive this once in a lifetime contest.

Slicer vs Slicee

Who will be the ultimate champion in this rousing contemporary battle of slits?

A new arrival wants to become a victor in the challenge. You decide, does he have what it takes to overcome matter over mind?

The pent up pressure inside his throat gushes out. The noise struggling to emanate from his freshly cut throat is similar to a clogged snorkel. The sacred and desired art of squirting is on full display here

Props to up and coming Best Gore author