Two dogs in 2016 have a whole street community pitching in to break up, what looks like a lover’s quarrel between the two on a street corner in Peru.

Man’s best friend is not dog’s best friend. Golden hair dog has a wild hair up his ass when he goes full ballistic on a dark haired doggy. I have a feeling this isn’t breed related violence between the feuding friends of man.

Here’s a short list of what the crowd does to break up the dog on dog fight: baton, kicks, pepper spray, water, tasers, tail and leg pulls, stick, purse, helmet.

If this happened in China, both would be turned into Soylent Doggy Chowder before the first bark is barked.

ATTN: Community of Best Gore

To the blind and ignorant members of this site for animal vs animal reality – no dogs were harmed or hurt during the filming of this video. Both are now living separate lives in a purrfect world of peaches and honey flavored kisses.

Props to Best Gore member