In Mexico, a man known only as SLICEE is prepping for the popular game BLEED OUT, with severe bludgeoning to his face region, dished out by opponent known only as, SLICER.

The new contestant is chosen for unknown reasons to play the game sweeping the nation.

The presumable double-edge sword, BLEED OUT concludes the CUT THROAT saga.

To bleed out or not to bleed out? That is the inevitable question, only the semi-conscious, SLICEE must answer.

We join the game already in progress, before commencing single elimination round.

SLICEE is restrained with handcuffs under his legs, attached to a rope, wrapped around his neck. BLEED OUT eliminating round starts off with the sawing of neck.

I won’t spoil the fun and give away the results. Will SLICEE survive the bleeding out, and be awarded freedom? Hurry! You decide a head of time!


Only by a hair, he almost survives the bleeding out survival challenge. His will to live was not strong enough to keep him alive for the grand finale

Brazil will have some ‘splainin to do if they quit contending with Mexico in being the bleed out champion SLICER of the wold.

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