In its latest video release, Islamic State executes three separate groups of captives. Each execution is exceptionally brutal, and not your usual shot in the head, or head cut off stuff. The video was filmed in Mosul, Iraq. The victims were accused of being spies working for the Iraqi security forces.

The first group is locked up inside a car which is then struck by an RPG, and the captives are left to burn to death.

The second group is locked up inside a cage, similar to the one used to burn the Jordanian pilot alive, and the cage is lowered into a pool, leaving the captives to drown without the means to escape. ISIS even equipped the cage with GoPro cameras for underwater footage.

The third group has explosive wire (SBG9) wrapped about their necks, which is then set off, causing most of their heads to be decapitated and fly off.

Definitely the most brutal video released by ISIS to date. Props to Best Gore member itsybigboy for the video:

Originally Published on: June 23, 2015 @ 10:15
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