As Julieta Patricia and Manuel Calderon, were identified the bodies of the father and daughter who died last night in a dirt road from the village of San Felipe la Tabla in Sansare leads to Sanarate, El Progreso, reported officials of the National Civil Police.

Several bullet holes were found in the red pale Toyota pickup with license plates P949CGR driven by Manuel, who minutes before left Quebrada Grande village in Sanarate where the two teachers among them his daughter teach basic education in Telesecundaria.

The three occupants of the vehicle were intercepted by individuals who shot them repeatedly, leaving Julieta and Manuel dead on the spot, while Alba Antonieta Pérez Flores was seriously injured.

Local firefighters reported that they transferred Pérez Flores to the Guastatoya National Hospital.

Agents of the PNC and Public Prosecutors (MP), worked at the crime scene, in order to begin the investigation.

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