According to the information I got, there was a fight between two clans on the street in Bolintin Vale, Romania. When two alleged “clans” fight in Romania, it generally means “gypsies”, ie the Roma invaders.

The fight was reportedly started over a girl, which comes to prove there are simps and manginas in all ethnic backgrounds.

As the video shows, the police tried to intervene when one man attacked the other with an axe, but their presence and orders had little effect on the involved. If my assumption that the involved were gypsies is correct, then that’s no surprise, as gypsies get preferential treatment all across Europe for not being white and that extends to preferential treatment before the law.

At one point it sounds like a gunshot is discharged, and the axe attack concludes with one man face down on the ground. I don’t know whether he died or not. The victim of the axe attack survived with rather savage wounds on arms and legs.

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