Not too long ago Mexico got us soaking wet, now it’s Brazil’s turn.

Video starts off with victim or who I shall refer to as Mr. Nameless Bleed Out Contestant. Man is hogged tied while lying on his back in Brazil. A colostomy bag is exposed on the man, latter to be used as a wick for campfire fun.

Whack #1 starts off with a blunt sounding impact by a long machete blade. Judging by the grunts and chatter which mimics human language, the posse are having a splendid time. Around the thirty second mark we hear the fruits of labor rewarded with the gush of life juices exiting victim’s neck orgasmic like.

Now is the time to place your bets! Does the contestant make it past the bleeding out round to contend to the final challenge?

There is a bid farewell to the power of his life with the power of fire.

Props to Best Gore member