On CCTV at a gas station in Hebei, China a truck driver parks his vehicle nearby. The truck then begins its slow decline beyond the point of no returning.

The wannabe Super-Man attempt to stop the truck with his invisible cloak of strength fails miserably. Believing it will be easier to stop the heavy-duty machine dead in its tracks on the other side, he attempts it. One would think natures gift of common sense would be enough to save life – One can not when nature curses you without common intellect. At least he died trying to save what really matters to his animalistic counterparts.

Luckily the body of the recently deceased is squashed in the right spot. The reincarnated speed bump helps the truck come to a slow stop, avoiding any minor repairs. The stereotype Asians are massive brainiacs must have been a rumor started by one Chinaman to the next, then he told another, then 10 minutes later, 1.5 billion Chinese believed their own hype. Which in return spread around the blue soaked round planet, if you believe it then others will follow!

Not sure if the first spout of mist is blood, but the second gush is some type of Chinese petroleum; probably made with the blood of million tortured animals.

Towards end of video, you see a cheaply Made In China ® external brake device fall off the side of tire, oh the irony. Who knew a trucker’s only kryptonite is that which was his bread and butter – in China, more like boiled dog + skinned alive cat. The Lousy-Man will no longer be tired on the road again and will no longer have to live a life treading softly under tyranny.

Darwin is a busy man this time of year, at least he isn’t rolling around in his grave. The death of imbeciles keeps him cozy in his nice warm bed. One down many more to go…

Props to Best Gore member