If you’re somewhat squeamish, you’d be wise if you chose to pass this video up as it is exactly as brutal as the title suggests. It depicts the execution of two Sinaloa Cartel member by decapitation. One is beheaded with a chainsaw, the other one with hunting knife. The idea of chainsaw beheading has a ring to it that’s much scarier than knife beheading, yet if you watch the video, you’ll see that the chainsaw granted the man who was chosen for this type of decapitation much faster and less agonizing death. Unlike the guy who was beheaded with the knife. You can hear his severed trachea grasping for air long after his beheading started.

The video starts by showing two men who identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and his uncle Barnabas Gamez Castro. Felix Gamez Garcia confesses to smuggling drugs into the United States, which was his job as part of the Joaquin El Chapo Guzman lead Sinaloa Cartel.

Both men are seated outside a mud house. They are shirtless, only wearing pants and begin to be questioned by unknown gunmen. Glimpses of at least two gunmen, one wearing military style clothes are seen in the six minutes long video.

The man identified as Barnabas Gamez Castro said that working for Sinaloa Cartel did not pay much. His last job landed him with mere 300 pesos.

After being given time to say their last words, the captors proceeded with decapitations. Applying chainsaw to one of the captives resulted in rapid spray of blood and albeit violent, it was definitely more merciful than what the other captive got. Before his head was severed, the second captive to die took one last look at his uncle who laid beside him headless, much of his blood sprayed over both captives. Due to massive blood loss, partially decapitated Barnabas Gamez Castro leaned against his nephew and as the captor continued to saw his head off, the chainsaw also cut into the arm of Felix Gamez Garcia.

Once Barnabas was chainsaw decapitated, another captor approached Felix and proceeded to cut his head off with a knife. Like his uncle, Felix took what was coming to him without any form of resistance however his death was long and slow coming. Nerve twitching and gasping for air continued for a while after the beheading started.

The video concludes with following message:

Esto les va pasar a todos los DEDOS, TORRETAS.

According to Google Translate, the meaning of the message is: “This is going to pass all the fingers, turrets“. Perhaps our Spanish speaking friends can provide better translation, but I believe that it’s supposed to mean something along the lines of: “This will happen to all DEDOS, TORRETAS“.

Many thanks to eltarasco for clarifying that “Dedos Torretas” is a way of calling the victims “snitches”. Further thanks to Ed who clarified that the two Sinaloa Cartel members were beheaded by their own cartel as being informants for the cops. That’s why they called them “DEDOS” aka “FINGERS”, as in pointing the finger. These two were snitches which is a transgression punishable by death in Narco circles.

Despite being snitches, the executed men were likely the very bottom of the drug cartel chain. Not really making money worth dying for yet their lives ended violently. Brutal. One more word of warning – video is extremely graphic. Do not watch if you’re easily offended. Beheading starts at 3:08 minute mark:

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video.

Originally Published on: Sep 27, 2011 @ 06:15
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