I got this video with a claim that it shows a 9 year old child bride being beheaded in front of large crowd because she refused to have sex with \her adult husband. That doesn’t add up at all.

If you can be a slave owner of a child, you can force her to have sex with you. I can’t imagine an adult man having the power to behead a child, but not have the power to sexually abuse her. I mean – you would have to be a total NPC to think a 9 year old would “refuse” to have sex. She hardly knows what sex is. And if she was sold out at the age of 9 to be a bride to an adult man, and she didn’t have the mental capacity to “refuse” that deal, then she definitely doesn’t have the mental capacity to “refuse” sex with her “husband“.

Secondly, the beheading of the child looks far more ritualistic than it is to dish out punishment on such a ridiculous charge. The people who beheaded her may have as easily force her to have sex right there right then to undo her sin of “refusal“. She’s small and confused, and seems powerless to “refuse” anything whatsoever.

Child sacrifices is something that exists out there as a hidden knowledge, but it is smitten under the rug by the Zionist press because the chief perpetrators and the practitioners of the disgusting rituals are primarily Jews. Why? Because blood ritual are fundamental to Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud, afterall, permits Jews to sacrifice children to Moloch.

Moloch was an idol worshiped by the Hebrews. The priests burned a large fire within the idol, and according to Biblical and Talmudic references, the Hebrews sacrificed children by throwing them into the fire.

There’s also an old game theory problem: how do you get a bunch of wealthy sociopaths to work together towards a goal without anyone betraying it or going rogue? Simple – you have them commit horrible crimes on video, and then hold the tapes as insurance and blackmail. It also helps ensure that nobody with a conscience gets through into the inner circle – somebody who has voluntarily raped and murdered a child on video as an initiation is not going to expose the clique on moral grounds. Think about it…

The video that appears to show the decapitation of a 9 year old child is below. There are captions in Arabic which I cannot read, but I do not doubt they are there on purpose to serve as misdirection from the true goal of the decapitation. As are the robes used by the killers. Remember, their motto is: By way of deception you shall wage war.

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