In Centro, Solidaridad, Mexico, the 12th of April, an hombre is killed to prove a point. What point, you say? Well, do not threaten lively hood for People of Achilles!

Any threat will be liquidated to achieve compliant utopia. Considered an enemy not comrade, you must DIE! Remember folks, a solid foundation is needed to prosper, whatever the CAUSE may be. The EFFECT of noncompliance is impending complete annihilation!

While bound and shackled like a SLAVE, unknown rival compadre receives welcoming gift from combatants. Duct tape covers eyes and mouth. The slicing into neck begins.

Beginning and ending with an obviously blunt and pain-striking toothed blade, yields satisfying results.

Lack of yelping is nothing to worry about, for you see, if you welcome death than it is not a problem. The only problem is the lack of yelping to satisfy an undying thirst to quench an old and dried out soul.

Solidaridad is home to the Maya archaeological site of Xcaret. Coincidence? I think not!

A discarded enGRAVEd blanket (Narcomensaje) reads “People from Playa del Carmen- ….and we come to this municipality (Solidaridad) to cleanse traitors (sell outs) and fucking stupid policemen (traitors). DO NOT be afraid locals! The anger is not with you but against those taxi drivers (money for travel).

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