Your day was bright and sunny, and it looked colorful up until the hour you walked in to a room, where someone was to meet you. You had your hunches about meeting someone at a place so odd; you hadn’t been to before. As you wait dressed up looking your best, you have this strange eerie feeling cross you by, and beads of sweat wet your collar as a sense of unease takes a hold on you. You feel this isn’t the place you were supposed to be at but now its late. Your nervousness has you feeling numb and half paralyzed.

For a moment that brightly lit room you walked in to before, turns pitch dark and the next thing you know is you are turned a captive and there is no one else but you and the hands of someone that won’t let you slip, run away or go. You let out a scream of horror, as never before in your life you had come face to face with the unknown, feeling hapless you try to free yourself out of those clutches that has you pinned to the floor. Your voices keep ricocheting the lull within the walls of the room and your constant struggle to free yourself of those clutches seem to be in vain. You were gagged before but now that someone holding a dagger has you breathing free sitting right atop your chest making every breath taken painfully.

Your mind is in a series of conflicting thoughts, but all doors and windows appear shut with no glimmer of hope in sight. You have sensed of whats to come and the masked killer wearing gloves draws out a pointy dagger and begins poking stabbing the face of yours you yourself adored and all your women loved once. You were a gentleman without malice without enemies with only friends to surround you. You believed in living life to the fullest. But now your world is turned upside down.

The killer is on a rampage, and there’s no stopping him as he draws in and out the weapon of death sadistically enjoying the blood faced meek and surrendered side of you. The ordeal doesn’t seem to end as the killer stabs harder and harder to feel the insides of you. You know your time has come as you hardly have a man in you to thwart his attacks. The blackouts begin to start shutting your pupil and the dear life seem seem slipping away. How you wished you weren’t there and heeded advice of your elders not to believe what eyes always see; but you ignored and now you seem sorry as the death enjoys tightening its grip over your body and soul. The masked killer will leave as quickly as he came and there will be no one but your death to steal the precious life of yours away.

The killer has left and your body is not yours as you float and watch it go life less from a distance. You see the end of you, seeing yourself gone.

Props to Best Gore member