Man floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee, going ham sandwich on a young lass in Brazil.

In a Brazilian favela, a young man is shirtless and restrained with hands tied behind back. It appears the shirt of the captured one is used for the ligature.

A man dressed for a night out on the town wearing a pimp hat, bitch slaps and stomps on the young ones skull with flip flops.

After prancing and dancing with the alleged gang rival, a rifle weasels its way into view and delivers a piercing headache to the underage chap who can’t handle a shot of straight lead. As a result, he pukes blood from his head hole. It is futile, nursing a hangover of this caliber.

Conversation as it goes:

It was hard for me to understand the accent as it sounds northeastern-ish and I’m not very familiar with their local slangs

Camera man: – “Do it closer to me so I can properly film it.”
CV member: – “It’s over, it’s ok now, there’s the gun (we gon’ use).
*cv member shoots the victim
CV member shows the CV sign and says: -“Only 2 (v sign) up in here, only 2 up in here, no one shall pass! (He mentions the name of the faction which is probably a local faction that works under the umbrella of CV, but I didn’t quite understand the name) always wins!
Camera man: – “Look at that, man, it’s done.”
Camera man: – “(the bullet) went out right through his face! It came in through the back of his head and went out through his face.”

A special thank you to Best Gore all-star