This scenario starts off innocently enough in Brazil, with an alleged gang member getting his throat sawed into by rival. With the slicer of neck hunched over, he whispers sweet nothings into the ear of the bleeder. An average size piece of wood is down below, getting drenched with human nectar.

With penetration by the dull blade barely going deep, it stops completely before reaching the climax point.

Wanting to dive deeper, the rubbing one out killer opens wide the side neck for better view and penetrating results.

A tag team member joins in with the delightful joy, spilling life juices of the enemy. Both allies come close to blade touching (I wonder if it’s gay to cross blades without a woman’s shield in the middle). Reminiscent of the epic 3 dull machete action.

The grisly duo abandon the threesome action and begin chopping on the neck of the adversary separately. All throughout the sweat inducing, pulsating, gyrating movements, the dying man makes not one sign of approval/satisfaction – must have been penetrated fuller by an ex, derp I mean axe.


– “You’re hitting the wrong spot…”
– “I’m getting tired (of slicing)”
– “(whispering) just do it already.”
– “use this one (knife)”.
*victim struggles, camera man giggles in the background.
– “Show it to us, brother! So we can see how gorgeous this looks!”
*muffled conversation and laughters in the background
– “Try to chop it off with this one instead.”
– “It’s hard as fuck!”
– “That’s fine, just cut this vein down here and that’s it.”
*Guy is about to deliver the final blow.
– “Wait a minute, wait a minute!”
– “Lean it (the head) onto that log, so it won’t slide down.”
– “Ok, do it!”

Thank you Best Gore in house translator