Greetings, I’d like to submit a video of a guy filming a fatal car accident and laughing on a dead driver and making fun of him. This happens near Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Mostar is a historic town in Bosnia and Herzegovina along the Neretva River. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a diverse country made up of a mix of Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats, and people of other ethnicities who follow a mix of Muslim, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and other faiths.

The guy who laughs is arrested for not offering help but instead laughing on a dead guy.

Full Translation:

“Ayy legend, look he is gonna go into the bumper”
“Oh he’s not”
“Op op op look how he’s crossing the road”
“Look at this fool, is he sleeping and driving”
“If he comes to the next tunnel, oh there’s a bus, the bus is gonna bump him before us”
“There he goes, let him go, rather park, let him fuck his own mother without us”
“There he goes under the bus I told you”
“He’s braking, there he goes”-This was said at the moment of the crash, as he put the camera down
“That’s it this is the video, legend that’s it, didn’t I tell you”
“This is live legend”
“This is real life, we followed him a bit, good job”
“Are you alive bro?”-asked when he approaches the car
“I don’t think he is alive”
“This one is not alive, I don’t think so, he is a goner there’s nothing left”
Other guy mentions he is still alive this guy replies with
“Nah he cant be”
“It took his head off”

Appreciate the full translation