Hey, this is a video of a 15 yrs old kid getting killed by his neighbor from iraq. The kid got killed for looking like a girl and they think that he might be gay and in the video the kid is saying: “i want to see my mom” (in arabic) over and over


Translation from Arabic, Iraqi dialect, to the English language:

Victim is Agonizing.
Guy: What’s your name?
Victim: Hamodi (They’re shoot-off names from Mohammed: Hamodi, Hamada, Hamad, Humaid, Medo, Memo etc).
Guy: So, your name’s Hamodi.
– Where’s your house at then huh..?
Victim: “Rashwara”.
Guy: Oh “Rashwara”!
– Was one of your friends present here or what?
– Who’s he?
Victim: His name’s “Sajjad”.
– What came out of my body?
Guy: Your guts are coming out.
Victim: Oh no, I’m gonna die. x2
– I wanna see my Mom. x2
– let me see my Mom before I pass away.

“Every person has to taste death, then to me you shall be sent back”
The Spider, verse 57 Quran.

Thanks for the update