CCTV captured the moment when a subject hits the head of a sporting goods store with a bat on the head to assault the business.

It is said that the salnatente asked the worker to show him a bat, then the manager gave it to her and when she turned around the man hit the woman on the head.

The events occurred in Navojoa, Sonora, where the attacked woman is between life and death due to the strong blow that was given by the criminal.

In the video disseminated through social networks, the moment in which the subject enters the premises and begins to check a baseball bat as if to acquire it is observed, however, when the victim turns his back on him, he takes advantage of the hit on the head.

After this the aggressor enters the area where the box is located, while the woman is left unconscious barely leaning against the counter of the store.

The offender acts up and presumably takes money from the business safe and then runs away.

Thanks to the recordings the attacker’s face was recorded, so, unofficially noted that the subject is a neighbor of the Valle Verde neighborhood of Ciudad Obregón, who often steals stores in Novojoa and Los Mochis, now the delincunte will be linked to criminal process, for assault with violence.

And the state of health of the woman is very bad, since she is in a coma. WE HOPE JUSTICE WILL BE MADE

A possible title may be: “assailant gives a hard blow with a bat to the worker of the store”.

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