On May 26, 2019 in Nagoya, Japan, Kiyoyuki Yamashiro, 48, allegedly uses an elongated tool to repeatedly stab Junji Sakakibara, 46, an acquaintance in the chest until dead on a road in the Sakae area of Naka Ward.

Yamashiro, admits “I have held a grudge for many years,” and “I wanted to kill him.” Yamashiro planned the attack. “I purchased the weapon in advance,” Yamashiro told police. He also told police “I attacked him in an ambush.”

The incident takes place in a business district about 500 meters from Sakae Station. At the time, there are many pedestrians on the street.

As the incident unfolds, passersby shot footage. After Sakakibara exited a bar, Yamashiro attacks him with what appears to be a tool used in tile work. “Stop, call the police,” the victim can be heard.

The killed served time with the victim. When the victim got out, the killed asked him to look after his wife or girlfriend. He didn’t. When the killed got out, he killed the man

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