On June 1 in the community of Malvinas, in Argentina, a thief entered a house and was attacked by two pit bulls.

The thief told time after he entered the house during the night, but he did not notice the presence of the two ferocious dogs, after advancing a few steps the animals threw themselves against him, causing several wounds.

Neighbors of the house alerted the authorities to the terrifying cries of the man attacked by the dogs. When emergency services arrived, they found the man completely bloodied, with injuries to his face, head, arms and legs.

Already in a hospital, doctors had to amputate a leg because the injuries were very strong. The punishment for this subject did not stop there, because the authorities accuse him of theft. Meanwhile, where the controversy lies, is that the owner of the dogs was also accused of the attack.

Many people have justified the current animals because, they say, their goal was to protect the house from intruders. Others, however, ask that the owner also pay the damages caused to the man. Neighbors in the area assured the local media that the animals are not aggressive, they even say that they are very dear to the children of the colony.”

A couple of pitbulls ate one leg and the right ear of a burglar,who broke into a house at 3 am.the barking and the desperate screams of the man put the neighbors on alert and called 911,by the time the police arrived the burglar was almost naked,the pitbulls had ripped all of his clothes,and had bites all over his body,head,arms and specially the left leg,according to neighbors the dogs are friendly with them,and also with the kids that go to school nearby.

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