In Mexico, two scantily dressed women stand up right in a bare naked room. They partake in punishment dished out by man using a wooden paddle. The time of day they undergo severe ass whackings are different, butt the torture and throbbing that follows are exactly the same. Without showing discrimination to either one, they both receive rawhides.

The first woman is severely bruised when video starts. The opportunity to turn the other cheek is no longer an option. She squeals loud after a fierce tongue lashing her attacker makes.

The second woman is paddled without underwear, with barely any light source visible. She receives hard pounding by wood, dead center on her sore rump.

There’s no two ways about it, the punishment dished out is to make the wrongdoing right.


They are getting punished for being “chapulinas” someone who betrays the cartel. That’s what they’re saying.

The first woman says she sent some pictures she shouldn’t have. When the guy asks once again why is she getting punished for, she answers: for being “Chapulina” which means someone who betrays the cartel by selling info to the enemy and things like that. The only thing I could understand from the second lady’s loud screams was, again: “CHAPULINA!!”

For anyone interested in the translation, here you go:

Chick: *screaming* Sir, please, sir!
Camera man: Why?
Chick: Because I did something I wasn’t supposed to.
Camera man: What did you do?
Chick: I’m asking you to forgive me, please, I’m asking you to forgive me.
Paddle man: What did you do? What did you do?!
Chick: I sent those pictures and wrongfully did so.
Camera man: But what did you save?
Chick: Some pictures I wasn’t supposed to.
Camera man: And why are we hitting you? What are you?
Chick: That word you used earlier.
Camera man: Say what you said earlier!
Chick: “Chapulín” (insect)
Paddle man: Why did it happen to you? Why did it happen to you?
Chick: For doing stuff I wasn’t supposed to!

*Next Victim*
Camera man: Same with this one, go! Hit her!
*Chick screams*
Two dudes: Hey, hey, hey! Be quiet!
Paddle man: Why are we hitting you?

*incoherent screeching

Really appreciate the update and translation! You rock! Best Gore member