East London recently has seen rise in random attacks, committed by an ethnic gang same or greater than its victims.

In East London near Hacknsey Cricketfield Road around 7pm on Friday, June 21st, a “corrosive substance” is thrown over two black males by two unidentified men.

It is reported, the two suspects repeatedly shout “pussyhole, pussyhole” – just in case they couldn’t hear them the first time – while pouring the substance on the victims, whom are trapped inside their car. The incident happens after a car chase with the two men. The victims end up driving off road and crashing.

Presumably, the same two unidentified men wear burkas when they attack a market trader, 45, in Walthamstow with a “corrosive substance”.

No arrests have been made, in what is being considered a hate crime.

One of the victims posted a selfie on Snapchat, after released from hospital, saying: You fucked up, you should’ve killed me. I’ll get my revenge.

The UK has one of the highest rates of acid attacks per capita in the world.

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