In Latin America, an oddity has just occurred. Usually, we are blessed with dull blades and cursed with vertical video footage. Well, now the roles are reversed.

Even though the results have been pre-spoiled by the title on this episode of BLEED-OUT, just pretend Alzheimer’s spontaneously infected your mind and play anyway.

We will see if this tied-up, fresh blood contestant on revamped BLEED-OUT will have what it takes to be champion.

1st Round- the BLOOD-LETTING
2nd Round- the FINALE-CUT
3rd Round- the VIE-to-LIVE

HELPFUL HINTS- To survive the First Round, you must make it to the Second Round. To survive Second Round, mind must be over matter. Only real way to overcome the Third Round is to ignore reality.


The Original that Started it All – Dec 10, 2018
Mexican Cartel Pour One Out For Amigos, Rival Life Juice Drains on Ground

II- Feb 5, 2019
Knife Cuts Noisy Throat Deep, Killer Dumps Body in Shallow Grave

III- Feb 6, 2019
Bleed Out: Zeta Cartel-Slicer vs Grupo Sombra-Slicee

IV- Feb 10, 2019
Young Adult Male Beheaded, Cameraman Forgets To Record Best Part

V- Feb 14, 2019
Bleed Out V: Valentine’s Day Special, Narco Cartel-Slicer vs Random Rival-Slicee

VI- April 14, 2019
Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire

VII- April 23, 2019
Bleed Out VII: Aloha Snackbar Edition

VIII- May 19, 2019
Two Heads Not Better Than One, Rival Bleeds Out Before Decapitation

Props to Best Gore member