A Russian man was in a bear cave for a month, the bear broke its back and kept him for later.

In Tuva, Russia near the Mongolian border a man called Aleksander was found by hunting dogs. The hunters who saved him thought that he was dead, but he was actually alive. The man was rushed to hospital where they found that his back was broken.

The man later told the doctors that he drank his own urine to survive. Doctors say that its a miracle he didn’t die.
The man couldnt move his hands or legs- only blinks his eyes and speaks. It isn’t known for how long he exactly was in the bear cave, but Aleksander says that he was in there for about a month.
It’s known that bears kill their prey and bury it and later come eat it. They do it to hide their prey from other wild animals so it would be ”ready” for eating.

According to local sources the man remembers his name, but not his family name and age. The man had severe injuries and his body had already started to partially beak down when he was found. It is a miracle that the man survived in such a situation.

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