This is a video allegedly from southern China, which shows that not every floater turns into a bloater.

The video starts off with a female whimpering in the background while two or three guys dive in for the floating child. It looks as though the kid fell into a river and probably floated down stream, nearly drowning before he is dragged out.

For whatever reason one of the guys decides to wear the child like a backpack and trot around with him upside-down, I’m guessing it’s to help all the water pour out of his lungs, but who the hell knows when it comes to China, either way it sure looks pretty hilarious.

After a minute or so of dangling the unconscious kid by the ankles, they lay him down and begin preforming CPR and just when you think there is no hope for the little guy he starts crying and screaming, clearly breathing again he seems to be saved.

The toddler is then comforted by the previous whimpering female and that is all this video has to offer, I would like to know how this child ended up in the water in the first place.


I am Chinese, the people in the video talk, it is like the language of the southern Chinese, thank you, the child is still alive!

Thank you Best Gore member 杨明