A motorcyclist was apparently lured behind a building by two men who had intentions of robbing and killing him. This appears to take place in Africa.

On June 29, 2019 three men are seen pulling up behind the back of a building in the middle of the night. The two passengers in the back work together, as one hops off to hold the bike up, the other puts the driver in a choke hold and wrestles him to the ground.

Further analysis of the video shows that there was a pre-placed bag on the ground near by. After the driver is subdued, the man on the back of the bike retrieves an object from the sack in which he uses to bludgeon the victim to death. He proceeds to rob him, searching his pockets for goodies. He whacks him in the head a few more times for good measure and by then his buddy has left the scene with the victims motorcycle and the bludgeoner runs off after him. It’s hard to say if these people knew each other or if the driver was just too naive and trusted the wrong guys. Either way it’s clear that this was a planned attack to rob the driver of his belongings and then murder him.


This is a robbery in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Police are investigating the murder of a boda boda (taxi) rider, by two male robbers, who pose as clients. They attack, strangle and hit him in the head with stone, killing him instantly. This incident occurs on Saturday around 4 am, at Kakeeka Zone, Rubaga Division, Kampala District, near nursery and primary school.

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